Serial Adultery Excerpt

Happy Anniversary.

Nine years ago today I uploaded the first chapter of the Pine Valley Chronicles. I rewrote it once, ages ago when I updated the first fifteen chapters to match the style of the later entries. I rewrote it, oh, half a dozen times more in the process of adapting the first nine chapters into my upcoming novel, A Symphony of Sex and Death, Book 1: Serial Adultery, which adapts and expands considerably on the events and characters chronicled here.

I’ve never regretted the time spent writing this story. It’s been rewarding to hear the odd comment about it, especially from my tiny cadre of regular readers. A silent audience of, at its peak, a few hundred have enjoyed (?) the twists and turns of my ridiculous story with me. It continues to be a source of pleasure which I don’t have any intention of ending any time soon.

So here’s my anniversary present to you: the prologue and first chapter of Serial Adultery.

Excerpt in .pdf format!

It’ll want to open in fullscreen mode; that’s the closest thing to eBook style you can get, so it’s pretty awesome. The print edition will look something like this except that the pagination will be a bit different and the pictures won’t be in full colour. For colour illustrations you’ll want the eBook. Hmm. Maybe I should add an eBook excerpt here too? Yeah, let’s do that.

Excerpt in .epub format!

As this is just the stuff from the first Chronicles chapter it won’t contain a lot of the violence and absurdity which characterize the remainder of the book. It’s pretty funny, though, and plenty wacky, and there’s eleven illustrations of various things, seven of those things being characters.

The full book will *likely* be available on October 29, the ninth anniversary of Chapter Nine – the last chapter adapted in Serial Adultery.


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