The Sharpesvale Chronicles, Chapter 516

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In which we return to the dick palace as though we didn’t just spend two entire days in the past.

…the other past.

The PASTER past.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: I think he’s losing it.
Ian: You think he had it?!

Lyndsey Price the Witch: So, do you think it’s my generation’s time to shine?
Ian: I think we’re still in Gen 2.
Lyndsey Price the Witch: But it’s been FIVE HUNDRED CHAPTERS

Actually, we missed the five hundred chapterth anniversary of Gen 2. It was probably… Chapter 511.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: That’s when the zombie apocalypse started. It was before your time.
Ian: It was before your time too!
Lyndsey Price the Witch: Yeah, but it was beforer your time, because your time still hasn’t happened yet.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Maybe your time will be the death wizard time.
Ian: Can I see some other options first?

Ian: I don’t want to be death wizarded!

Lyndsey Price the Witch: I won’t judge.
Alvin: I will!

Belinda the Malevolent: MELF with a SHELF!
Richard: …what?
Belinda the Malevolent: Man Everyone would Like to Fuck!
Richard: …okay, but what’s the shelf?
Belinda the Malevolent: Hold on, let me put something on it.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: I’ve never heard of putting something on a shelf sexually before.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: …hi. Welcome to Lyndsey’s House of Stupid Naked Dance Faces. Everything is normal.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: I think she bought it.
Valerie: And it cost TOO MUCH

Valerie: Hmm. Okay. I’ve got the dancing down, I’ve got the stupid face down…
Lyndsey Price the Witch: Now all you need to do is let your dress down!

Valerie: Maybe we can build to that?

Lyndsey Price the Witch: This isn’t about construction, lady, it’s about deconstruction.

Alvin: On a scale of 1 to 10, how would you rate the goods and services available at this location?

Richard: Okay, so, Lance.
Belinda the Malevolent: Hahaha!
Richard: What are you laughing at?
Belinda the Malevolent: I was thinking Lance would be a better name for you, shelf boy.

Richard: It’s more of a halberd.
Belinda the Malevolent: OH GOOD YOU’RE A NERD I CAN LEAVE

Belinda the Malevolent: Don’t let the giant schlong fool you.
Wren: Yeah, sorry, it definitely will.

Wren: Don’t you think us G3 Sims have to stick together?
Richard: I am in favour of sticking together with you, yes.

Wren: You don’t need to advertise more than you already are, bud.

Ian: Ooh, a thought-controlled girlfriend! I’ve always wanted one of those, probably!

Richard: Did you pay your entrance fee?
Wren: I thought I’d entrance you instead.

Wren: That’ll be five bucks.

Richard: I’d rather buck you than her.

Valerie: You spelled “then” wrong, and also there should’ve been a comma in there somewhere.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Hey baby, put your comma in me somewhere.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Preferably one of the approved holes.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Don’t put your dick in my eye.

Ian: If I suddenly want to, is there a surcharge I can pay?

I can’t remember if I said I wouldn’t say “dick” as much in this chapter.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: If you did, it must have been before you saw how many dicks there are in it.

And how few segues.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Why would the segues affect your use of the word “dick”?

Because I want to call Past!Grugly a dick for not including segues.

Ian: Call my agent, tell him to use this as my headshot.

Valerie: Headshots in this setting are unlikely to be what you’re thinking of.

Valerie: A sniper on every rooftop, I’ll bet.

Richard: Where you going?
Lyndsey Price the Witch: Vicki said there’s a sniper on every rooftop, and I don’t want it to be me.

Sinjin: Oh! That’s my favourite song!

I want to be moved by the feelings. I just want to follow the feeling. ♪

Who are you? I don’t know you. Who are you?

Past!Grugly: I want to get to know her.




Valerie: Wanna bang?

Do psychiatrists go to brothels?

Bambi: I’m not a psychiatrist.

Psychologists, then?

Bambi: Not a psychologist either.

Richard: The question is, do BAMBIS go to brothels?

Bambi: The answer depends on whether Bambis have pockets.

Sinjin: I think you’d look very pretty in clothing.
Lyndsey Price the Witch: …what clothing?
Sinjin: Opaque clothing.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Goodbye.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: GOODBYE

Ian: If I buy TWO tickets, can I have TWO women?
Richard: You might have to give the ticket to Bambi, for that to happen.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Yeah, we need to get a second employee up in this bitch-house.

Bambi: Isn’t this all just your way of coping with the death of your mother?
Richard: Should you be trying to dismantle my coping mechanisms?
Bambi: I’d probably be able to answer that, if I were a psychiatrist or a psychologist.

Richard: So what if this was the site of a mass murder?
Lyndsey Price the Witch: An EMPLOYEE-ONLY mass murder, allow me to assure you!

Richard: I’m gonna make a name for myself here.
Bambi: Oh, you mean, like, a pimp name?

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Can I interest you in a season pass?
Ian: Explain it to me.
Lyndsey Price the Witch: It takes, on average, more than fifty intense social interactions to create a romantic relationship. Can you afford to attempt that process in only one sitting?
Ian: Can I afford multiple sittings, is a better question.

Ian: How much for a face-sitting?
Lyndsey Price the Witch: Sorry, that’s romantic.

Ian: How is FACE-SITTING romantic?
Lyndsey Price the Witch: I don’t make the rules, I just make the love.

Bambi: Isn’t this just your coping mechanism for the absence of your successful, unloving father?
Richard: Isn’t this just your coping mechanism for your inferiority complex, as a non-professional engaged in medical matters far above her competency level?
Bambi: NO YOU

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Town bicycle? Ha! No, I prefer town school bus.
Ian: How’s that work?
Lyndsey Price the Witch: Ten times the passenger load, a much higher rate of speed, and as well-oiled as you like.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: We’re thinking of hiring that redbedhead.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: She thinks we should stick together, because we’re all gonna die soon.
Ian: Yes, good idea, concentration camp yourselves.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: No, you see, the murder wizard seems to be going after Maxis Sims. We’re all custom.
Ian: Wow! And here I thought Harry Potter racism was silly.

Ian: Wait, how Maxis am I?
Lyndsey Price the Witch: Just the facial template, I think.
Ian: Oh, he doesn’t measure blood quantum or do phrenology or anything…?

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Trust me, pal, if you were Maxis enough for the upcoming Simocide, you’d be too Maxis to Slow Dance with.

Richard: I’m gonna get all my friends here, and we’re gonna ride out the murder wizard storm!
Bambi: Isn’t that just a coping mechanism for-

Ian: I’ve got an umbrella at home.

Lyndsey Price the Witch: Don’t be silly. You haven’t got a home.

Richard: So, what’ll it be? Sex on a psychiatrist couch? Or just sex on a psychiatrist?

Bambi: I’m determined never to fall in love with anyone more intelligent than me.
Richard: I’d say you might want to reconsider that, but you might not be intelligent enough.

Y’know, you could naked jump-rope at home.

Valerie: You won’t let me do ANYTHING at home. You keep focusing on-

-the real characters, you’re right!


Richard: You’re not qualified to analyze me. You’re just a prison screw.
Bambi: I’m the manager of a mental institution!
Richard: No, you’re the manager of one, very large prison cell!

Valerie: There any spare dicks in here, or do we need to take turns?

Lyndsey Price the Witch: No and no.

Valerie: Hey loser, why don’t you take off?
Ian: I thought you wanted a dick.
Valerie: …you’re right. Hey loser, why don’t you take your pants off?

Valerie: And let me screw you.

I can’t believe that didn’t work.


Valerie: Fuckin’ circus music.

Yusun: This the fuckin’ circus?

Ian: Best Victorian gothic nightmare mansion sex joint in Centreborough!

Lyndsey Price the Witch: We know how to fill a niche, alright.

Ian: I approve of niche-filling.

Richard: “Isn’t this just your coping mechanism for being HUNGRY?” Fuckin’ idiot.

Next time: a family-outing.

This chapter depicts gameplay from 23 February 2013.

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