The Sharpesvale Chronicles, Chapter 557

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In which hello again.

Brandi: Thought you’d given us the ol’ kiss-off there.

Brandi: I expect much sexy sex to compensate.

Brandi: Right after I scarf these candles.

Brandi: Ohhhh, good candles.

Brandi: I think I’m gonna have a wax baby.

And then she exploded.

Brandi: Worse.

Confidence: That’s my name, don’t wear it out.

Confidence: How dare you barf up my big entrance?!

Confidence: People these days have no sense of-


Confidence: Yeah, ph’lngui to you too.

Confidence: So, how’s my favourite double agent doing?

Brandi: Oh, am I only double? Feels like more.

Brandi: Maybe it’s because I’m presently multiplying.

Confidence: Ah, the miracle of childbirth! Not into it.

Brandi: What do you want from me this time?
Confidence: Oh, still everything!

Confidence: More, if you’ve got it.

Confidence: I guess I wasn’t clear before! You’re supposed to be dismantling the SCIA. Like, reducing them to zero percent mantle.

Confidence: I realize it’s hard to do that in just a few years, but I also don’t care.

Confidence: I hope you appreciate my position re: not appreciating your position.

Confidence: I mean it’s fine if you don’t, I also don’t care about that.

Confidence: I’ll kill your baby.

Brandi: Like, automatically? Or only if I fuck up?

Brandi: Probably automatically.

William: I approve of automatic fucking.

Brandi: Hiho.

William: Byeho!

Brandi: It’s back from work I’m… fro’…

Brandi: *barfs in dwarf whistle*

Brandi: I think you’re taking this “employee” thing a bit too far.

Brandi: So, I have some nonsense to convince you of.

Brandi: Can I interest you in a story about the SCIA being corrupt to the core?

Vanesa: Depends. Does it have original characters and author avatars?

Vanesa: And is it bullshit?

Vanesa: And am I going to be expected to act on it.

Brandi: Some of those things.

Brandi: Having a child has reminded me that there are more important things in life than spycraft. Like barfing!

Vanesa: You want to dismantle the SCIA because you’re barfing.

Vanesa: I mean I get it, but it seems like more of a you-thing than a me-thing.

Brandi: No, I want to dismantle the SCIA because the SCIA is ENTROPY.

Vanesa: Mmmhmmwhat?

Brandi: I know, it’s a lot to take in.
Vanesa: It’s not ENOUGH to take in!

Brandi: I’m a spymaster. I don’t have to cite my sources.

Brandi: Come on, join me. Every spy secretly wants to play Spy vs. Spy.

Vanesa: Both of the spies in that are bad spies.

Brandi: All spies are bad spies! We’re bad spies.

Vanesa: I guess we might as well be good at it, then.

Brandi: Great! Let me know when you’ve killed everyone.

Vanesa: I’m not going to kill everyone.

Vanesa: I’m going to investigate your claims.
Brandi: Aww, lame.

Vanesa: You’re acting pretty evil.
Brandi: I’m glad you think it’s an act!

Vanesa: Anyway here’s teleportation.

Brandi: Sweet.

Brandi: Go forth, and do my dark bidding.
Vanesa: I can’t go forth with you in front of me.

Brandi: You’re too smart to make a good minion.

Vanesa: Thank you.

Vanesa: Whoever you are.

Brandi: If you figure it out, let me know.

Brandi: Oh, wait, I’m getting a call.

Brandi: WHO IS IT


I liked your colourful pajamas a lot more.

Brandi: Yeah, well, I’m in morning.

Next time: wet work.

This chapter depicts gameplay from 8 May 2013.

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