The Sharpesvale Chronicles, Chapter 465

Welcome to the Sharpesvale Chronicles, an ongoing neighbourhood story in The Sims 2!
Warning: this journal may contain uncensored nudity, violence, profanity and sexual themes.

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In which all the pics are ten pixels larger than they should be.

Accidents! And laziness.

Also in which events are backgrounded by an awful event which killed a lot of people.


Wander: More like escaping Sim.

What are you escaping?

Wander: Other people’s plotlines.

I don’t know if I like where yours seems to be going.

Ricky: Keep an eye on that guy.
Wander: No thanks.

Ricky: He teleports.
Wander: Oh.

Wander: Oh.

Wander: No?

Wander: Snow.

I laughed out loud when I saw that was the next pic.

Wander: You broke the chain.

What were you gonna say next?

Wander: …something that rhymes with “snow.”

Yeah, but what?


Tucker: Ho.

I almost laughed out loud again.

Tucker: Hos are hot. What you got?

Tucker: Don’t say something sissy like three PhDs.


Wander: That girl’s got ho hair.
Ivy: Oh ho you didn’t!
Wander: What’s that got to do with the sun?
Ivy: The sun?

Wander: Your speech balloon. It’s got the sun in it.
Ivy: Probably for when I said “The sun?”
Wander: …I think my head’s about to explode.

Here’s a fun activity, kids!

Write your own thing for Wander to be saying about how the tail of her speech balloon should have been cropped out.

Tucker: That’s not a fun activity, that’s just you not wanting to go back and fix things.

If I start going back and fixing things, Tucker, none of you will have ever existed.

Wander: We are the playthings of a capricious, malicious child-god.

Brandi: What was that about playing? With things?

Wander: Okay, so. I’ve got 10/10 Logic points.
Tucker: You’d make a good ops officer on my space ship, if my ship had an ops station.
Brandi:space ship? Wait, what’s the date?

Wander: Take me on a ride!
Tucker: That’s forward of you.

Wander: I meant on your space ship!
Tucker: That’s trusting of you.

Ivy: ♪ Angry girls with angry hair ♪
Belinda the Malevolent: ♪ Angry skin and week-old underwear ♪
Ivy: ♪ Go bare? ♪
Belinda the Malevolent: ♪ I can’t; I really like this pair ♪

Belinda the Malevolent: ♪ Playin’ bass like I know how ♪
Brandi: ♪ Shut it off, you green-skinned rubby cow ♪
Belinda the Malevolent: ♪ How now! ♪
Brandi: ♪ I’m going to stop singing now ♪

Tucker: Don’t! Improv is hot.

Tucker: Alright baby, I’m considering your crew application.
Wander: You’re so considerate.

Wander: Wanna go somewhere that isn’t dedicated to the remembrance of mass slaughter?
Tucker: What, that’s not romantic enough for you?

Tucker: Okay, so here’s my thing: grey hair.
Wander: Damn!
Tucker: What?
Wander: I had grey hair when I was an old woman, and before that when I was an old man.

Tucker: Would you care to elaborate on that?
Wander: It’s a sensitive issue.
Tucker: I feel like that’s not enough!

Wander: …yeah, no. Grey hair is a no-go.

Tucker: She likes glasses.

NOBODY likes THOSE glasses.

Except COPS.

Wander: Fighting crime, in a future time!

Wander: I’m the child of a clone of my aunt and a man I’m a clone of.

Tucker: …w…
Wander: Go on.
Wander: What are you trying to say?
Tucker: I’m trying to say “what?” but I can’t get past the first syllable, because that was SO MOTHERFUCKING WHAT

Wander: Motherfucking was kinda the problem, yeah.

Tucker: You have a weird science backstory! That’s a definite plus in a sci-fi crewmember.

Jizelle: I call ziz number “Punk Rock in a Bad French Azzent.”

Venkat: I couldn’t in good conscience let that happen.

Wander: I’ve gotta say, I’ve never met a spaceship captain before.
Tucker: Me either!
Wander: What?
Tucker: What?

Wander: The hat’s kind of in the way, though.
Tucker: It has to be big, it’s got my ship in it.

Wander: I’m talking to a man who keeps a shrunken spaceship in his pirate hat, Stewart!
Stewart: I’m being talked to by a woman I don’t know who knows my name?

Stewart: And is hot?

Wander: God DAMMIT. I should NOT be hot to you.
Stewart: Yeah, admittedly you’re not up to my usual standards.

Wander: Fuck fuck FUCK!
Stewart: I’m down!

Tucker: Should I vaporize him?
Wander: No, Abigail should, and then bring him back RELATED TO ME.

Stewart: I’d like to recite a poem I just wrote. It’s called “Life is Weird and I Think I Just Hit On My Brother.”

Kickass guitar and drums somehow

Brandi: ♪ Hear the zombies piss and moan, eating everyone you’ve ever known ♪

Stewart: ♪ A clone ♪
Tucker: ♪ A spaceman from the pirate zone ♪

Brandi: ♪ Hear the agents scream and shout ♪
Wander: ♪ The apocalyptic checking-out ♪

Tucker: ♪ A trout, a three-armed fish-man talent scout ♪
Wander: What?
Tucker: I’m terrible at ad-lib.

Brandi: ♪ The hole is digging itself deeper in the ground ♪
Wander: ♪ We’re burning daylight, and it’s time that we found ♪

Wander: I’d pound that guy.

Neila Sharpe the Witch: Can we not talk about pounds? Or fucking my dad?

Wren: Real people only.

Brandi: ♪ Fifty hearts in a bright pink cloud ♪
Wander: ♪ Stupid bitch who’s singing much too loud ♪

Tucker: ♪ I bowed ♪
Wander: ♪ And I suggest we ditch this crowd ♪

Cory: ♪ Can we sing the actual words? ♪
Wren: ♪ Some of us are named the same as birds ♪

Wren: ♪ Uh… turds? ♪
Cory: ♪ I guess something about the Kurds? ♪

Yeah, that was a tough one.

Brandi: ♪ Keep playing pinball in the chambers of the dead ♪
Ryan: ♪ I like combining fun with existential dread ♪

Tucker: ♪ Now give me head! ♪

Wander: No.

Wren: No.
Kenya: No.

Wander: I don’t have anything for the spoken word bit.

That’s fine, this went on much longer than it should have.

I’ve just had that song in my head for weeks, and I thought this might help me exorcise it.

Neila Sharpe the Witch: *needs help with exercising*

Kenya: So, do you eat mice?
Wren: No. Caterpillars, moths, crickets, that sort of thing.

Ryan: Is trailing dirty dishes a superpower?

No, but successfully exercising is.

From my perspective.

Kenya: I’ve always wanted to meet a brown passerine bird in the predominantly New World family Troglodytidae.

Stewart: Nice hat, guy. Green Day more like MARINE Day!

Wren: NO.

Tucker: Can I vaporize it now?
Wander: Not if I vaporize it first.

Wander: Can I gesture at your dick?
Tucker: Looks like it!

Wren: You were hot down there.
Tucker: I’m getting cold up here.

Neila: I think they’re stockpiling a biological warfare arsenal in here.

Next time: Tuckered out.

This chapter depicts gameplay from 26 December 2012.

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