The Sharpesvale Chronicles, Chapter 317

Welcome to the Sharpesvale Chronicles, an ongoing neighbourhood story in The Sims 2!
Warning: this journal may contain uncensored nudity, violence, profanity and sexual themes.

Updates whenever I damn well please!

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In which plot, sort of.

Andrew: Ugh, I hate plot. Count me out.

Andrew: Plot kills my family.

Amin: We’ll miss you. As far as you know.

Andrew: You’re a pal, Harry.
Amin: It’s Amin.
Andrew: It was a joke.
Amin: It was a lazy joke.

Franklin: Wow, I’d better not have kids.

Brooke: The results might be bad but the process is awesome.

Repeated for emphasis: the results might be bad.

Looks like a spaceship from Schlock Mercenary.

Oh damn, what’s her name.

Oh come on, what’s her name.

It starts with an ‘M’.

Wait, I’ve got the game open! I’ll check.


Mallory: So you’re saying I don’t live, huh.

Andrew: I think it’s time you learned how to do homework.
Mallory: Yeah, that sounds like a fun use of my few remaining moments.

Mallory: The real characters get way better itineraries.

Angelica: I’m a real character!
Franklin: I used to be.

Briefly, very briefly.

Typical dog-walking attire.

Brooke: We’re not related, kid. There’s no genetic value to my helping you.

Brooke: Curse your cuteness.

Chelsea’s cat is still alive.

Oh damn, what’s its name.

Starts with an ‘M’.

Brooke: Wow, you looked better from a distance.
Nathaniel: But still not good, right?

Brooke: Yeah, my standards are low.

You just sit there until I think of something to do with you.


Nathaniel: You can shake my thing any time.
Brooke: Ew.

Wait, how are you starting another date?

Did the game crash again?

Where did I put my fancy error message pic…

Nathaniel: My digits articulate.
Brooke: Your tongue, articulate!

Wow, someone cheated on Nathaniel.

That implies someone already had a relationship with Nathaniel.

Today is amnesia day apparently?

Nathaniel: Like my new girlfriend?

They’re all too polite to say anything.

Andrew: And that’s how you use a pencil.
Mallory: Riveting.
Andrew: Keep up with your studies and someday you’ll be as smart as Franklin here.
Franklin: What’s this weird symbol on the wall?

Andrew: I wish these people wouldn’t litter.

Andrew: Take your fucking flowers back.

Kenya: Superhero carpool program is a success.

Penny: Penny’s here!
Kenya: She sure is!

Mallory: She looks like she’s had a hard day.

It was a real mess. Let’s take a look.

















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Wow, that was pretty intense, huh?

Whatever happened, I’m sure it’ll be unclassified within the next, oh, fifty chapters or so.

Brooke: I’ll be brutally honest here: I’m just using you to boost my stats.

Mallory: I think he’s staring at my tits.
Penny: That’s my horndog!
Franklin: I’m looking, too.
Penny: You’re alive again?

Nathaniel: Hey Penny, Brooke’s using me.
Penny: Sweet score, whoever you are!

Andrea: I think your dad might be my dad.
Emerson: I’m not even sure he knows he’s my dad.

Franklin: This had better be a good joke, because Melanie is basically local Hitler.

Hahaha “local Hitler.”

Penny: Time to shift the palate.

Penny: Man, terrorists suck.

Right? They’re terrible.

Penny: Right? So ineffective.

Penny: Glad I’ve got such a hunky man to come home to, and the new mental chemistry to appreciate him!

Penny: Hey buddy, long time no see.
Andrew: It’s a big house.

Penny: You would not believe the day I just had.
Andrew: You smell like everywhere.

Penny: Yeah, I was what is that child’s problem.

Nathaniel: I don’t know what’s wrong but something’s wrong.

At least two of the kids are behaving normally.

Nathaniel: Something’s not right.

Nathaniel: Kiss me?
Brooke: Why not, the world just stopped making sense anyway.

Penny: That was weird, huh? Everyone freaking out for no reason.
Andrew: That’s what everyones do in my experience.

Mallory: Maybe don’t kiss me behind your-
Angelica: Girlfriend’s
Mallory: -back?

Angelica: I wish I couldn’t see through my back.

Next time: nothing is clarified.

Like you expected anything different.

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