The Sharpesvale Chronicles, Chapter 269

Welcome to the Sharpesvale Chronicles, an ongoing neighbourhood story in The Sims 2!
Warning: this journal may contain uncensored nudity, violence, profanity and sexual themes.

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And now it’s the new year proper.

Or improper, depending on your perspective.

Speaking of perspective!

Speaking of the new year!

Speaking of improper…

Veronica: Oh, good! I’m having a nightmare.

Michael: Maybe we all are?

Michael: Fuck you, repressed childhood anxieties!

Michael: And hello, realized childhood fantasies!

Michael: Dress like you want to set feminism back a decade.

Michael: Hey, wow! That should do it.

Michael: A model employee would look good, and… actually that’s all I want.

Jewel: I’d love to work for you!
Michael: Are you willing to work for love?

Jewel: …you mean as opposed to pay?
Michael: You’re right! I am opposed to pay!

Michael: Oh, you know a song! That’s very useful.

Michael: Hey, wow! College anecdotes. So applicable to real life!

Michael: No way! Your other acquaintances are also cheerleaders?! That’s incredible!

Michael: Oh, you have loose sexual morals? So original.

Michael: You satisfy me physically! As a man of means, that’s the only thing I can feel.

Michael: I will pay you for makeouts.

Michael: And also to help me run a discount bookstore!
Jewel: That turned quickly.

Ally: Hey, are you the owner?
Michael: It would explain why I’m refusing to make eye contact! Pleb.

Jizelle: Bonjour monsieur!
Michael: Wow, rhyming gibberish!

Michael: Secretly very attractive.

Michael: I suppose you’re looking for French books?
Jizelle: You would zink zo! And you’d be wrong.

Michael: Come on, man! I guarantee all my books as top-notch flooring material for your murder basement.

Michael: Wow! You sure are doing that.

Bill: I look great surrounded by books!

Dagmar: Why are you touching my hand?
Michael: Why did you extend it?

Jewel: Oh man this job is hard. I’m supposed to replace not-books with… wiiiiiith…


Jewel: That makes too much sense to be right!

Sullivan: Those blood stains will come right off. I think that’s why they switched to plastic money!

Michael: Uh-oh! Customers with timers!


Sullivan: Why’d you bring me back, cocksucker?

You’d rather be dead?

Sullivan: I’d rather everyone be dead!

Iris: Even babies?
Sullivan: ESPECIALLY babies.

Michael: My Favourite Sociopath!

Jewel: That boy is two ugly people.
Nawwaf: Nudge that hand over a bit.

Jewel: Are you a black person? I’ve never met a black person before.

Jewel: I had it on my bingo card! I don’t see the problem.

Jewel: Hey placeholder! You’re not real!

Carmela: Got me there, kiddo!

Alvin Trottier: Explain the boobs to me.
Jewel: They’re just boobs!
Alvin: But boobs and books. What is the connection?
Jewel: …they’re only one letter different!

Alvin: They are!

Michael: What are you doing?
Sullivan: Whatever I want.

Jewel: Books are good!
Nerissa: I like that books are good!

Nerissa: But can books be bad…?

Jewel: Whew!

Just making sure you’re prettier?

Jewel: Just making sure I’m prettier.

Mrs. Crumplebottom: FICTION IS THE DEVIL

This guy was in the FIRST CHAPTER and yet I NEVER remember his name.

Alvin: So many boobs!

Jewel: Welp! Time to call it a day!


Michael: I love that you’re a renewable resource.

Goodbye Whittaker’s Discount Books, hello Whittaker’s Fishy Fizzes!

You know, fizzes.

I totally see the connection.

Stephen you idiot! That’s not a fizz!

Stephen: It is when your digestive tract is a hundred years old!

The Aristocrats!

Kenya’s stank brings all the that guy to the couch.

Michael: You were just introduced a few chapters ago and I’ve already forgotten your name.

I certainly haven’t!

But I don’t feel the need to prove it.

Michael: Good work!
Jewel: Hey, thanks!

Michael: And just that one specifically.

Kenya: There’s somethin’ fishy about them fizzes…

Cut, print, wrap! Great commercial.

Grugly Prime: You’re not talking to me.

Grugly Prime: I’m not here.



Jewel: Guess who just earned a raise?

This is like an advertisement for a Nazi breeding program.

Michael: Mmm! The taste of saliva bought and paid-for.

Jewel: I’m a new kind of prostitute?

Jewel: And I think my clothes just changed?

Michael: Welcome to full adulthood, baby!
Jewel: …is the creepiest thing I’ve ever heard anyone say.

Poppy: I can see where this is going.


Jewel: Hi! You must be Michael’s wife.
Poppy: I prefer to think of him as “Poppy’s husband.

Poppy: If you sleep with my husband I will kill you.

Poppy: Unless you also sleep with me.

Jewel: And then I go down like this…?
Poppy: Right, but lose the fist, please.

Jewel: Smells! Weird, right?
Anthony: Huh?

Is there any continuity in this chapter at all?

Poppy: There’s continuity in my hearrrrrrt!

So this is your path to playablehood, huh?

Jewel: Walking around university naked wasn’t doing it…

Jennifer: I could totally take him out with my rear-view if I backed up quickly.

Wait, are you not a judge now?

Michael: I’m a judge and a senator!

Isn’t that a conflict of interest?

Michael: Have you been ignoring politics? Those aren’t a thing anymore!

Michael: Move it! We need to start up the Senate Subcommittee on Michael Needs a New Car!

Jewel: Landholding is hot.
Michael: Finding me hot is hot!

I don’t see how this says “Fishy Fizzes” any more than that Britney Spears outfit did.

Jewel: It’s from our new “wallpaper match” clothing line.

Jewel: Come inside! Buy some drinks! A senator owns them! I don’t see how that’s relevant.
Michael: Stop thinking so much.

Jewel: Are you thirsty perhaps?
Nawwaf: No?
Jewel: Well shit.

Heath Thorne, non-conformist.

Mrs. Crumplebottom: FIREWATER

Yeah, I used to drink Coke Classic, I know that feel.

Michael: I need you to exercise so I don’t get blamed for you being fat but I also need you to buy more soda pop.

Bitten by a radioactive pop machine, she is CHERYL PLAYER: POP STAR.

Oh god I need to make this retroactively a thing!

Jewel: How did you get fit on soft drinks?
Nawwaf: I have backwards biology. That’s why my penis goes outside my pants!

Michael: HAHAHA no she probably just wanted to end the conversation.

Amin: Are you profiling me, dude?!

Amin: Interested in some Fishy Fizzes?
Victor: Interested in seeing that dart come out your face!

Jerome: Redheads doing garbage! My exact fetish!

Joe: Hold still. This will only hurt forever.

Abigail: I didn’t see that coming, but I can see it going!

Amin: I’m gonna call the NAABP on you, so quit it.

Michael: Wow! She can fit half his arm in that crack!

Excellent wardrobe choice.

Michael: I’m sorry, my vending machine did what?

Yeah, I’ve felt that way about chips before.

Michael: You could be our mascot!
Cheryl: Sorry buddy, Pop Star doesn’t advertise.

Abigail: I need a license to wear this suit.
Samella: They told me I needed a license to practice law too, but look at me now! Please don’t tell anyone.

Wait, wait. Are you taking a…

Wait wait wait.

Are you OLD NOW?!


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