The Clover County Chronicles, Chapter 263

Welcome to the Clover County Chronicles, an ongoing neighbourhood story in The Sims 2!
Warning: this journal may contain uncensored nudity, violence, profanity and sexual themes.

Updates whenever I damn well please!

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The next chapter has been my goalpost for ages.

This one is fine too.

Popo ho!

New look, Annie?

Annie: People just look right through me!

Theresa: Happy bitch in jail day, everybody!

Jane: Hmm. Speaking of bitches…

Nerissa: You wanna explain why you were holding this dangerous criminal in a civilian location?!
Theresa: Not really!

Nerissa: I’ve about had it with the Governor’s interference!
Theresa: In real life you’d be so right. Unfortunately, he is the main character…

Nerissa: So, what? You just expect me to roll over and take this abuse?
Theresa: Naw. You’re a cop. Just go and pass that abuse on to the next vulnerable minority person you see.

Nerissa: Don’t think that I won’t.

Nerissa: So, Brooke’s…
Aurora: Showering in the prisoner shower. Again. Yeah.

Jane: Look, Chief Cwik (2 of 2). I’m sorry if you feel you’ve been mistreated.
Nerissa: How am I TWO of TWO? Are you seriously counting Victor ahead of me?!
Jane: Hey, I didn’t specifically say that just to piss you off! That would be mean.

Aurora: Name?
Brandi: Brandi Bertino. I think I’m 2 of 2 as well.

Aurora: What’re you in for?
Brandi: Oh, something stupid. High treason, maybe?

Brandi: Apparently it’s illegal to intentionally get turned into a zombie during a zombie apocalypse.

Brandi: Ridiculous, am I right?

Nerissa: I’m mad at all you guys.

Jane: Should we lock a zombie in there with you? For old times’ sake?

Nerissa: Hey! Raise those walls up! The staircase footing isn’t visible!

Nerissa: That’s better.

And then Theresa lost her mind.

Ricky: Those staircase footings are a real bitch.

Ain’t they?

Theresa: Hahaha no, I’ll have to shoot you.

And then Jeremy got run over.

Nope! You’re dead!

Nobody cares, dead guy!

Theresa: I’m sorry you died, Jeremy.

Everything about this picture makes sense.

Victor: Okay, hear me out. What if… we let them all out, see, and then play Manhunt with them?
Ricky: With our guns, though?
Victor: Oh, yeah! Definitely! Definitely with our guns.

I knew you were an agent of ENTROPY!

Brandi: Great detective work, narrator!

Brandi: I miss the apocalypse.

Ricky: Ah! It touched your foot! That’s cheating.

I have no desire to see this thought in detail.

I’m pretty sure this is what police stations are actually like.

Nerissa: Well hello there, hubby.
Victor: I’m busy, Nerissa. Go cheat on me or something.

Victor: Chose “or something,” did you? Typical.

Whatcha readin’?

Vicki: History. Did you know? They named the entire first storyline after me!


“Serial Adultery.”

I just can’t.

Brooke: JOIN US.

Nerissa: All the cool kids stay after work!

Nerissa: Nobody wants to be cool with me?

Nerissa: Haven’t you already been shot? Like… twice?
Nicholas: Can’t keep a good undead dead!

Nerissa: What about the lousy ones?

Nerissa: Not my shift, not my problem!

Cameron: His name is Nicholas King.


Cameron: And he’s a zombie.


Cameron: The Zombie-


Remember that time you cheated on Andrew with William?

Brandi: Little secret: everyone is automatically in a relationship with William. Seeing anyone else, now, that’s the cheating.

Do you know something about Instant Meals that I don’t?

If you do, please don’t tell me.

Jessie: Anything neat happening in there?
Sean: Braaaaaaaaiiinnsss.
Jessie: Not interested. Boobs?

Brandi: I want to look my best for the court artist.

We don’t have court artists.

Brandi: Then I want to look my best for THE PRINCIPLE OF THE THING.

It’s a miracle! The zombie townie turned into a live playable!

Kyle: What?

And he even changed his name!

Yeah! How dare he!

Whatever he did.

Enjoying the prison food?

Vicki: No, I’m just really chuffed about hats.

Jessie: If I touch you, will it turn me gay?

Vicki: Another rewarding day.

Some people are having fun with it.

Brandi: Better than not having a toilet at all!

Who’s the dude?

Joshua: Just let it happen.

Think it’s your day today?

Brandi: I don’t think it’s ever been my day.

♪ Oh when the cops… oh when the cops… ♪

♪ Oh when the cops come marching in! ♪

Nerissa: Oh lord.

Vicki: I should do some underwear modelling. You know. While I wait.


You’d make a killing!

Vicki: Ha ha.

How’s Poseidon doing without his Hand, you think?

Cameron: Probably exercising his real hand. If you get my current.

I’m glad you’re happy.

Brandi: I’m not happy. I have big lips.

Her scars aren’t visible at a distance. Here’s a good look at them.

Cameron: Cool! Can we not?

Ember: I know there’s cages, but does this have to be such a zoo?
Nick: Hey! Zombies have rights too!
Ember: No! They don’t!

Gee, am I ever going to miss this place.

Thank god for OCD, or I wouldn’t have saved.

I see Nick had a productive night.

♪ Where are the clowns? ♪

♪ Send in the clowns ♪

Nerissa: Right! Good! Why’s that dude in here.

Nerissa: Go home Nicholas you’re drunk. I mean zombie.

Nicholas: I’ve about had it up to here with your speciesism.

Underwear party!

Vicki: You gonna join in?

Nobody wants that.

Next time: oh, nothing too important.


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