The Clover County Chronicles, Chapter 120

Welcome to the Clover County Chronicles, an ongoing neighbourhood story in The Sims 2!
Warning: this journal may contain uncensored nudity, violence, profanity and sexual themes.

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You don’t know what you’re doing.

And now, a fucking ton of porn.

What an appropriate quantity!

Mrs. Flibble: .oO(You don’t have to do this to impress me.)

Andrew: Hey, can you get me a criminal background check for free?
Penny: We need to discuss that while this is going on?
Andrew: Hey, I can never find a cop when I need one.

Shiloh: .oO(Mommy sounds funny with her mouth full.)

Shiloh: .oO(OH GOD YUCK)

Andrew: Kid’s making a fuss again.
Penny: That’s what they do.

Andrew: What’ll we tell Jerome if he finds us like this?
Penny: You accidentally irradiated my clothes, and you’re trying to detox my skin with your mouth.

Andrew: He’ll believe that?
Penny: You’re a scientist. He’ll believe anything.

Penny: Now get detoxing, I’m feeling nauseous.

Just the kind of thing a guy wants to hear with his tongue halfway down your throat.

Penny: He has a sense of humour, it’s fine.
Andrew: Let’s hope your husband does, too.

Penny: Were you planning on telling him about this?
Andrew: No, but when shit is this much fun it’s hard to keep it to yourself.

Mr. Grivver: .oO(You wanna play “I Spy”?)
Mrs. Flibble: .oO(That depends. Bill Cosby or Eddie Murphy?)

Penny: Anyway, I thought we were gonna play with my detachable clothes.
Andrew: Every man’s dream!

Andrew: Or damn close, anyway.

Penny: Take me, you mad, mad scientist!
Andrew: Take you where?
Penny: The kitchen, I guess. The disinfectant’s handier there.

Penny: Wow, you’ve got a hell of a grip!
Andrew: You do know I have a bionic hand, right?
Penny: I try to ignore all that nerd shit.

Andrew: I guess you get enough loser crap from Jerome, huh.
Penny: Does constantly mentioning my husband while we make out get you hot or something?
Andrew: YES

Shiloh: .oO(Am I an orphan now?)

Penny: Whoah, wait a sec. You need to see this face, it’s gotta be seriously attractive.

Andrew: Are you still making it?
Penny: No, but it’s okay, now you can’t see my absurdly un-detailed feet.

Wait three years.

Penny: So… you gonna let go?
Andrew: So squishy.

Penny: You really ought to take my pants off first. And yours.
Andrew: Honestly, right now I think I could make the neccessary holes with ease.

Penny: Please don’t ruin my brand new outfit with your penis.

Andrew: Romance is dead.

Penny: Long live lust! And also my pants.

Andrew: Because tracksuits are so hard to find these days.

Andrew: This is never gonna get old to me!

That’s because you didn’t have to figure out how to make it work.

It was a complicated process.

Penny: Aren’t you gonna take your clothes off?
Andrew: I wanna maintain my plausible deniability as long as possible.

Penny: I’ll tell him you’re trying to rape me.

Andrew: It’s amazing how many persuasive arguments involve blackmail.

Penny: You’re telling me? I’m a cop, buddy.
Andrew: I keep forgetting that, what with all this illicit shit we’ve been doing together.

Andrew: My ass is in your sink.
Penny: I already told you about the disinfectant, didn’t I?
Andrew: I’m just saying, you could have got some pillows too.

Penny: As it stands, the sink won’t go to waste.

Penny: This is so weird! We’re the first Sims to have sex on something that isn’t the floor.

Andrew: I bet the whole thing is straight-up porn by next year.

Give or take.

Penny: I’m fine with it.

Penny: And so are you.


Andrew: I might need a towel, though.

Penny: We have some, but I don’t think they’re actually separate from the towel rods.

Andrew: I’ll just use Jerome’s side of the sheets, then.

Andrew: Next time we’re totally doing it on the bed.
Penny: You don’t think he might get suspicious?
Andrew: What, when he’s been chloroformed? Not unless he’s a mutant.

Penny: You mean, besides his abnormally-small penis?

Andrew: Baby, you sure know how to make a guy feel special.

Andrew: I’ll feel even more special if you don’t make me clean this mess up after.

Penny: What am I, your maid?
Andrew: You want my repeat business, don’t you?

Penny: Good point, well made.

Penny: OH. Wow. Such a good point.


Andrew: I can’t take much credit for that, it pretty much came this way.
Penny: But you’ve taken such good care of it!

Andrew: I could say the same about you.
Penny: It’s easy to stay youthful in the groinal area when your kid is born skinny and your husband’s penis barely registers.

Andrew: Why don’t we use these animations more often?

Because that mod cancels free will, for some stupid reason.

Andrew: Hmm… counter sex, but no free will. WHAT A DIFFICULT DECISION.

I don’t want you guys making a habit of this.

You know how long it took to make rugs out of your clothes?!

Andrew: I hope we don’t get rug burn when we put them back on.

Penny: Yeah, I’m more interested in carpet burn.

There’s an American Pie joke here somewhere.


Andrew: What a wonderful waste of time you’ve discovered.

Penny: Yeah, I doubt this is gonna catch on.

Just wait, I’m gonna download you guys a washing machine too.

Penny: Uugh, they’re all wet.
Andrew: You sure that’s from the sink?

Penny: You think you can say gross shit like that just because we’re not married?

Andrew: Nah, it’s because you’ve had my di-

Penny: Don’t ruin the moment. I’ve already got Jerome for that.

Andrew: Your hair’s all messed up.
Penny: I’ll fix it later.
Andrew: You mean you’ll ruin it later.

Andrew: You need to loosen up a little.
Penny: Well thanks for the adultery, then, it gives me a lot less to worry about.

Penny: Maybe we should sell drugs together too.

Penny: We can do it out of the police station if we bribe the chiefs.

Shiloh: .oO(My problems are not real problems.)

Shiloh: .oO(Although I’m not sure how I’m gonna get back in there on my own.)

Jerome: Oh, sorry honey. Looks like mommy was up late doing her police homework or whatever again.

Penny: I should feel bad for cheating on such a decent dude, but… that’s the only kind of dude it works on.

Andrew: Let’s do it at my house next time, there’s more rooms to hide in.

Andrew: Thanks for not interrupting us.
Chief: .oO(I’m a dog, man. Dogs understand laser pistols! We’re just born with it.)

Jerome: Is my dog telepathically communicating with somebody out here?

Jerome: How come you’re still around?
Andrew: I can’t hear you!
Jerome: So stop walking away!
Andrew: What?

Penny: It’s his quick thinking I find the most attractive.

Jerome: I’m sure it was some stupid science crap.

Penny: Oh, shit.

Penny: I hope Jerome didn’t see these.

Penny: I hope Jerome didn’t see these, and figure out what happened.


Penny: What’s up, kid? Going insane? Good times.

Penny: Give mommy a few hours to get her shit together, then we can find a therapist. For both of us.

Andrew: I’m up for roleplaying it, if that’ll help!


Penny: Do you like mommy’s new haircut, Shiloh? It’s been scientifically proven more attractive.

Penny: I’ll tell you what “attractive” means when you’re twenty and we let you out of the basement you’ll be spending your teen years in.

I take it you’re the bad cop.

Penny: Can’t you see these shades? I’m the bad to the bone cop.

Some people just want to watch the world squirm.

Penny: I don’t think anyone’s gonna want any of this Andrew jizzcake.

Andrew: There! Perfect!

Andrew: And I can make up a neon sign that says “CAMERON I’M CHEATING ON YOU” for our bedroom, too.

Penny: Aw, how sweet! You’re trying to ruin my marriage.

Penny: This Easter egg hunt shit is a bit much, Andrew.

Penny: Remind me to punish him for it later.

Penny: Right after I bury the dog.

I’d make that face if my sternum was painted on, too.

Avri: Hey Officer Newcastle! I heard some shouting at your house last night. Were you having a fight with Mr. Murphy? It sounded like you were really mad at each other.
Penny: Stand there for a minute, Avri.

Debbi: It smells funny in here.

Debbi: It’s getting worse.

It always does! Next time: a trip down memory lane.

Which is always terrible.

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